JRiver Levels Translations (The STEFAN archive)

Rvrtn-ft description of water at Petersburg dam;sw=surf wave,rl=river left,rr=river right,ss=sidesurf
21.5 total wash out no waves at all-current flowing ~4MPH
18.1 sw rl, hole
15 sw rl, ss rl, steep drop into hole rr
14.7 good sw-rl, hole center-need to enter rl & rudder over about 20 foot
14.6 good sw rl, hole rr
14.3 sw rl, hole rr
13.8 sw rl, ss rl, steep drop into hole rr
13.4 good sw, hole rl w/hydraulic
12 good sw rr,
11.9 good sw-rl&rr, small hole center, ss-rl
11.8 good sw, small hole rr at top, ender level
8.9 great surf waves-big hole w/unstable wave, ss extreme rr at top, hole rl of tongue-2/21/99
8.8 great waves-big hole w/unstable wave, ss extreme rr at top
8.75 great surf wave on tongue-big hole rr;enter off surf wave to side surf-quite rough 3/17/99 2075CFS,1dia below hole
8.5 excellent hole-see pictures, sw, enders
8.3 great hole center, 20' wide ss wave(breaking) rough ride in hole
6.8 hole very narrow-hard to ss
6.75 great hole center-starting to develop hydraulic on rl of hole;BB held in hole, almost enders-hit rock
6.4 pop ups, hole mostely closed in water flows in vertical
6.18 hole starting to get stickey-Bill trashed rolled 3X-tongue hard to get on=picture 3/28/99
5.8 enders rr side of tongue, ss in narrow hole
5.1 hole very narrow but easy to get into-surf rr of hole-tongue rl hard to stay on3/31
4.8 good enders
4.5 hole gone, almost popup rr of tongue, sw on tongue
3.2 3to4 standing waves good sw, tongue defined
  it is about 30 river miles from Riverton to Petersburg & actual conditions may vary dramatically

Thanks to John Stefan for recording and submitting this level guide.

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