Compiled video from 1998-2018, celebrating 20 years of Team Dirt Clod
Infamous debut video from Perry. "Wkends" was destined to become an instant classic.

Runtime: 24:14

Myth of Midwest Whitewater is a catalog of mostly class III whitewater ranging from Wisconsin down to Missouri.

Here is what Jeff Barrow had to say about Myth: "From Wisconsin to Missouri, EJ has captured some of the hottest whitewater action in the Central Time Zone and overlaid his footage with a raucous soundtrack."

Greatest Hits and Misses was just me putting together a highlight reel of the last few seasons up to that point. Destinations include some ocean surfing in Carmel California, a mythical "Wave Box", the Saint Francis, Vermilion, Ocoee, Wolf River, Crooked Fork in TN.
This is video pulled from some old 8mm film my dad had laying around. Footage from the Vermilion river and some pool sessions.