Myth - The Classics

"Brisk Day on the Sangamon"

This was my first, and probably worst effort at using a computer to edit video. Footage was mostly shot from a tripod without much human intervention. We were trying to get the whole scene, so that's why much of the footage is shot from too far back. Of course, I wanted to try to use all the footage as much as possible, so a lot of bad stuff is in there.

Not sure what I was thinking with the scrolling text, looking back I'd like to kick myself. =)

Anyway, it was a hit back then because none of us had really ever seen ourselves boat on video... how little we knew...

Video was shot using a 8mm video camera, editted on a Macintosh using Avid Cinema.

Video is 8.6 meg, 6 minutes and 4 seconds long.

Quicktime required. (free download)

To download the video to your hard drive right (or control) click here and select save as...