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Sangamon Dam Breech, Illinois
Vermillion River, Illinois
River Guide
River Class Level Weather AW Link Notes/Misc
Big Pine II-III AW Attica 2563
East Race II+ Dam Release Schedule South Bend 3109 SB Parks
Vermilion II-III USGS LaSalle/Peru, IL 651 River's End info
Sangamon I-III USGS Petersburg, IL 3224 River's End info
Charles City Whitewater Park II CC Whitewater Charles City 10267 Charles City Whitewater
Elkader Whitewater Park II USGS Info Elkader 10638 Elkader Whitewater
Manchester Whitewater Park II Maquoketa 10638 Elkader Whitewater
Cedar Hill II USGS St. Louis, MO 3025
Chain of Rocks III (VI) USGS St. Louis, MO 2950 StreamTeach Archive
Howell Island III+ (VI) USGS St. Louis, MO StreamTeach Archive
St. Francis III+(IV) USGS Fredericktown, MO 978 and 2921
Meremac @ 141 I-II NOAA St. Louis, MO
Peshtigo III-IV USGS Wabeno 2305
Wolf Section III II+ USGS White Lake, WI 2319
Wolf Section IV III-IV USGS White Lake, WI 2316

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